Product or Demo Sponsorship

In addition to keeping our members hydrated and fed during our meetups, the Product Demo Sponsorship helps cover the Kickass PM operating costs, specifically annual dues to, maintenance of, and keeping us flush in name tags. 

What you'll Get

In addition to all of the perks of the Monthly Meetup Sponsorship, you'll also be privy to a 20 minute presentation about your company, product, or event.

  1. At least two promotions via Twitter leading up to the event
  2. A shout-out in the description of that month’s meetup on and inclusion of your company’s logo (seen by about 600 project managers)
  3. An informational paragraph in our meetup email that goes out the week prior to the event and inclusion of your company’s logo (sent to about 500 project managers nationwide, with a 40% open rate)
  4. A 20 minute presentation at the beginning of our meetup about your organization
  5. Logo/branding/swag displayed/provided during the event
  6. Follow-up information in our meetup recap article that appears on our blog in the week following the meetup

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