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Our Team

Kicking Ass and Taking Names since 2013.


Christine HolocombE

After several years teaching high school English, Christine got her start as a client-facing UX researcher. She eventually made the jump to project management and never looked back. She now manages in-house digital projects at Whole Foods Market. She is active in her neighborhood’s community garden and plays lead tambourine in the Holcombe Family Band.


Tracy hennessy

Tracy got her start in project management back in 2010. Since moving to Austin in 2012, she’s spent the past five years flexing her PM muscles in the digital agency space. She now is the Product Management lead at Handsome and works with clients to help solve digital problems. Find her at the rock climbing gym or cruising on her bike through Hyde Park.

Shahin Murray

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Cecelia Hoy

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Dina Fitzpatrick

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