How to Claim PDUs for Kickass PM

Do you have your PMP? Did you know you can claim PDUs for Kickass PM? Heck yeah you can! 

(As a reminder, you can only log PDUs to help maintain an existing PMP credential, they don’t count towards the initial education requirements needed to apply for your PMP.)

Ready? Here we go!

Step 1

Start by logging into PMI’s website and clicking ‘Report PDUs’ under the Certifications category on the bottom right.


Step 2

This will take you to PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements system, and to your Dashboard. On the left you’ll see a ‘Report PDUs’ button.


If you’ve been submitting PDUs regularly for the past few years, you’ll notice there is a slightly different reporting breakdown that started in 2015. There are now a few more restrictions on the types of PDUs you can report per category. But such is life.

Step 3

Under ‘Education’ there’s a section for “Organization Meetings.” (That’s us!) 

You’ll notice that it says it is limited to 2 PDUs – this means limited to 2 PDUs per entry, not in total. Go ahead and click “Organization Meetings.”


Step 4

n order to fulfill your PDU requirements for Education you need a minimum of 8 PDUs in each of the Technical, Leadership, and Strategic & Business categories. This screen is where you submit the detailed information about the specific Meetup that you attended.  

Organization/Host: KickassPM
Title: The name of the meetup you attended (for example: “Project Managing Your Career”)
Meeting Number: n/a
Description: One or two sentences about the topic of the meetup you attended.

The Fine Print

You can claim up to 2 PDUs per meetup you attend, and determine which category you’d like to log it under. The general rule of thumb is 1 hour = 1 PDU. Generally I’d say about 1.5 PDUs is appropriate for a single event we host. 

Once you’ve filled out the form, hit submit, and you’re done! Generally Education PDUs are approved almost instantly. You should receive an email from PMI when your PDU entry is approved.

Here’s a link to a document from PMI that might help explain in more detail how to know which type of PDU to claim if you have any additional questions.

Good luck! If you have any questions, please email us at